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Akdemistanbul International Office

A. The Student Service Office  
Introducing the Student Service Office:
Akdemistanbul Language Center started its programs 12 years ago. It was decided to establish the YÖS and the University Service office at Akdemistanbul because of the high demand of foreign students about studying in Turkey and due their desire to participate within the YÖS program in order to continue their studies at Turkish Universities. Our office is going to enable foreign students to apply and to get accepted by the Turkish universities with which we signed collaboration contracts.
Services offered by our Center:
1. To communicate directly with the student through social media channels or through our strategic partners in their countries.
2. To help the student to choose the appropriate university that he / she wants to attend.
3. Ensuring the student admission to the university.
4. To give acceptance letter to facilitate getting the visa.
5. Providing all necessary information in accordance with the student requests.
6. University file tracking
7. Translation of required documents
8. Provide the students the chance to complete their studies and graduate at a Turkish University.
9. Preparing students who would like to apply for state universities for the YÖS exam.
10. Preparing the students for TOMER exam when required from the University.
Other services:
Our local partners are always ready to provide you with:
1.Reception from the airport.
2.Setting the appropriate residence.
3.Getting a residence permission for the student.
4.Receiving tax number.
5.Health insurance.
6.Opening a bank account.
7.Provide the transportation card.
8.Organizing a cultural- touristic tours.
9.Organizing tours in order to meet the region where the student will stay and study. 
Why register through Akdemistanbul:
1.Being an educational institution licensed by the State
2.Experience in education for more than 10 years
3.The Istanbul Academy has its reputation in Turkey under the direction and supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ağırakca President of Mardin State 4.University. And is the most efficient in the market of educational services.
5.It is a Turkish educational institution so it knows more than other service offices
6.Akdemistanbul will not only offer admission to Turkish universities, but will also offer Turkish and YÖS courses when needed.
7.Accuracy in work and follow-up
8.Effective staff to meet your wishes
9.Principles of Akdemistanbul: Transparency, accuracy, professional work and the safe environment
Why study in Turkey:
Turkey is one of the countries that brought together the Eastern and Western civilizations.
Studying in Turkey is characterized by its low wages due to the support of the state for the education sector in order to raise the percentage of university graduates.
In addition, the Turkish universities are distinguished by the quality of their education and international standards.
Moreover, the certificates granted by the universities of Turkey are internationally recognized.


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